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Lunch Program

Edmonton Public Schools policy states that lunch programs are to be provided where needed at no cost to the school budget. We at Lorelei believe that, for the health and well being of students it is best for them to leave the school for lunch. By doing this they get fresh air, exercise and are fresh and ready to learn in the afternoons. We understand that this is not always possible and therefore we offer a supervised lunch program (paid for by parents whose child/children use this service). Please note all students who leave the school grounds for lunch are not to return before 12:05.

If your child stays for lunch and is leaving the school grounds on a particular day it is the responsibility of the parent to inform the school either in the agenda or by calling the school You will be notified if your child leaves the school grounds without permission and a plan for their safety will be discussed.

NOTE - ALL STUDENTS attending the lunch program MUST HAVE COMPLETED a lunch contract and returned it to the school with fees, prior to attending the program. A reminder that all parents and students should review the lunch contract before signing the agreement. 


Nut Aware School

In order to provide a safe learning environment for our students with nut allergies we are raising awareness of all members of our school community regarding severe allergies. Our school acknowledges that due to food processing practices it is impractical to eliminate nuts or nut products entirely from an environment where there is food.

As a Nut “Aware” School we ask that:

  • Parents and caregivers being encouraged NOT to send food to school with their child that contains nuts (especially peanuts). This includes peanut paste, Nutella, all nuts and cooking oil containing peanut oil, as well as foods containing nuts.
  • No nut products be included in food on special food days i.e. cakes, or in any cooking activities at school or on school camps.
  • Students being encouraged NOT to share food.

Students being encouraged to wash hands before and after eating.

Thank you for helping us in respecting the needs of students with allergies attending our school.